For cutting (mowing) grass and plant growth with a thickness of up to 25 mm (0.98 in). No strong air currents are created and fine grass cuttings are not blown about, they are just gathered and cut. The 40 cutting teeth with an 11° clearance angle offer a minimal contact surface for any objects that may be lying aroung so that these aren‘t slung away. This has been confirmed by tests by different testing institutes such as the German Agricultural Society (DLG), the German Inspection Agency for Country and Forestry Technology (DPLF) and the German Board for Forestry Technology (KWF).Due to the unique structure of the grass cutting safety blade, the operating energy (rotational speed) can be reduced or increased according to the quantity of the grass to be mowed. This means that weak vegetation = low number of revolutions = lower energy outlay = lower noise levels. With 40 cutters on the roatry, the cutting sequence is very high and the grass is not wound up. Eight stablisation boreholes prevent material vibrations from occuring in the interior of the cutter bar on contact with stationary objects.


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