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Our repeatedly awarded Ergo Vert-i-File


To file the chain, the chainsaw needs to be fixed to the new sharpening device “Ergo Verti-File” in a predefined diagonal position. While sharpening in the usual way, the guide bar has been fixed horizontally so far. With the new device “Ergo Vert-i-File” you have to fix the guide bar in an upright position. In this upright but also diagonal position, the cutting faces of the cutters are in a horizontal position.

The result of the horizontal direction of filing will be the expected top-plate filing angle. Sharpening with a horizontally guided round file with top-down pressure is so much easier and prevents well-known incorrect sharpening results.

If sharpened incorrectly the chain cuts crooked. Using the new device, the user is able to see wrongly sharpened cutting faces directly and can correct them immediately.

For chainsaws with a weight up to 6,5 kg (229.28 oz) and bars with a cutting length from 30 cm to 45 cm (12.81 in to 17.72 in). Filing angle of 30°.


Scope of application:
- minicipal
- gardening and landscaping work
- orcharding
- viticulture
- gardener
- forest
Product details:


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