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The Ergo Schnitt secateurs ES19 pro and ES21 pro are bypass shears of superior quality. The secateurs have an ergonomically designed handle made of forged aluminum. The blades are made of high carbon steel, coated with hard chrome. This guarantees extremely sharp blades with a long lifetime. The upper blade cuts cleanly and smoothly. Thus, it is ensured that the user obtains a precise and clean cutting surface. A high tension spring and the damper complement the high-quality standard of the secateurs as well. Suitable for quality-conscious  hobby gardeners, municipalities, gardening and landscaping services, fruit and wine growing and forestry. Replacement parts are available of course.


Product features:
Item number: Article: Size: Weight:
ERS190   NEW Secateur ES19 pro 19 cm, 7.48 in 205 gram, 7.23 oz
ERS210   NEW
Secateur ES21 pro 21 cm, 8.27 in 232 gram, 8.18.oz
Scope of application:
- municipal
- gardening and landscaping work
- orcharding
- viticulture
- Gardener
- forest


Product details:

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