ERS233 g

The Ergo-Schnitt telescopic rods are made from glass fibre braid (GFB) covered with a layer of resin. The material offers 5 x higher resistance against breaking compared with aluminium. No corrosion occurs to the GFB and it is very low wear-and-tear. GFB does not conduct electricity when it is clean and dry. This has been confirmed and certified by an accredited inspection laboratory. Ergo-Schnitt telescopic bars can be steplessly set to any height. A tensile strength of 75 kg is attained via an eccentric lever which can be set with the opposite nut (left-handed thread). The saw blade is made from time-proven Japanese SK5 steel. The rows of teeth are induction hardened and every fifth tooth has a special position so that the dust is removed from the cut more easily. Medium tooth width of 4 mm (0.16 in) (8 teeth on 30 mm (1.18 in)) for universal use in fresh, soft, hard and dry wood. Incl. saw blade protector.



Scope of application:
- municipal
- gardening and landscaping work
- orcharding
- viticulture
- gardener
- forest

  *Excerpt from a test report of an accredited laboratory in accordance with IEC 60060-1:1989 reffering to DIN VDE 0681 part 1: 1986-10.

** Expert from a test report of an accredited laboratory in accordance with IEC 60060-1:2010 reffering to DIN VDE 0681 part 1: 1986-10, ch. 4.8.2.

The complete reports are on hand.


Product details:
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